Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) is the gold standard in Manuka honey – it is shorthand for the most comprehensive, independently certified and internationally recognized quality assurance system for New Zealand Manuka honey. Most importantly it validates the UMF potency of the honey.

The UMF™ grading system ensures that all three signature compounds – methylglyoxal (MGO), dihydroxyacetone (DHA), leptonsperin – must be present in order for the Manuka honey to be graded UMF™


  • MGO



A natural sweetener that supports a healthy lifestyle

83 MG/KG
>100 MG/KG

A more potent product to maintain everyday health and wellness

261 MG/KG
>150 MG/KG

A more potent product to support everyday health and wellness

512 MG/KG
>200 MG/KG

A more potent product to support everyday health and wellness

826 MG/KG
>200 MG/KG

A higher level of potency with additional nutritional support

1197 MG/KG
>100 MG/KG

Manuka Royale has been awarded by different internationally acclaimed institutes including the Superior Taste Award by the most renowned independent certification awarded worldwide, by International Taste Institute. It is being judged by a jury of prestigious Chefs & Sommeliers with a strict tasting methodology that focuses 100% on taste.

We have also been rewarded “Best Luxury Honey in the World” by the internationally acclaimed Luxury Lifestyle Award. This award recognizes luxury products from all over the world.

In the latest Healthy Living Awards 2022, Manuka Royale is also awarded "Innovative Food & Beverage Idee". All nominated products are judged by its variety, taste and health benefits by a jury of 16 experts, including nutritionists, top chefs, sports coaches and dermatologists.